By Jonah Brunet

I’m in line at the grocery store, waiting on an elderly woman struggling to recall the PIN on her credit card. If it weren’t for the card, she’d be the kind who counted out her change, nickels at a time, on the stainless steel checkout — but it’s 2016, so here we are.

I don’t mean to seem irritable, and typically I’m not. But right now, I’m starving. A National Geographic on the checkout newsstand reads: “Superfoods” in big, orange caps and then, below, “Eat Your Way to Health and Longevity.” My eyes drift from the magazine stand across the black rubber conveyor belt, surveying my selections: one-dollar pasta, one-dollar canned sauce, 30-cent instant noodles (x4), beans, tuna, mushroom soup. Most of it canned, most of it bright, gaudy No-Name yellow. Not a fresh fruit or vegetable in sight. What am I eating my way to?

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Jonah Brunet is a fourth-year Undergraduate  student at the Ryerson School of Journalism.